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Topics that we accept:


  • Here, we accept all the technology-related articles, about new trending technologies, advancements in technology like:
    • Machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, ethical hacking, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality.


  • Here we accept all the marketing-related articles, how the market is going, and which is the most trending marketing gig in the market. You can write on topics such as:
    • SEO, digital marketing, Social Media, B2B marketing, B2C marketing, Paid Marketing.
    • How to design a website, how to do website promotions, topics related to developments.
    • Strategies, tips, tricks to rank in Google, run online business, increase visibility.


  • Well, in this section, you can choose any topic of your choice that gives information about the new devices in the market or new advanced gadgets in the market.
    • Like about new Laptops, phones, tablets, software, security system, networking, new wearable technology, digital homes, new fitness trackers.


  • In the Business section, you can write about the companies and how they are so successful or can cover things such as:
    • Success stories, emerging market, best business ideas, budget-friendly startup ideas, Businesses that succeeded in less time.


  • As the name suggests you can here write about the new applications and their uses, you can as well write about:
    • Latest Apps, Successful applications, Applications emerged as a success in a short time, Best apps for a particular technology, how these apps eased the lifestyle.

**All those topics which are related to developments and advancements in the technological field are welcomed.

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How to Start? 

Send us an email with the subject – “My pitch for the guest post” to admin@techrushs.com

If you are willing to write some genuine content, we would suggest you first send us a few topics that you are willing to write upon. Normally, we revert very fast, and we will select one topic, which you can proceed to write on.

If your topic is selected, then what is next?

You have, start writing your Blog, there are some instructions that you need to follow to end up with an excellent piece of content.


  • The content that you are writing should be original. Plagiarized content is a big no.
  • The article should be more than 1000 words.
  • Please maintain American English for better understanding.
  • Do write the paragraphs that are short, which means not more than 2-4 sentences in an article.
  • The title should be engaging and not more than 55-65 characters.
  • If you are targeting any focused keyword, then do let us know about it, and avoid keyword stuffing.
  • The article should be in a very conversational tone, use – I and You.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes, and check it once before you submit.
  • Try to avoid Vernacular and Jargon’s language.
  • Do use, subheading, bullets, numbers to highlight.
  • Add graphs, visuals, infographics, screenshots, with proper sources to make the content interactive.
  • Keep the font type and size the same from beginning to end.
  • Always include a proper introduction and end it with a meaningful conclusion.
  • Being a technology-related site, the article that you submit should be relevant to the readers and should be illustrative with images.
  • SEO friendly content is welcomed with focus keywords.
  • Avoid using Copyright images, for images using sites such as Pixabay, Pexels.
  • Be sure that while you submit the article you provide us the full rights on the content, we can edit and modify according to requirement.
  • Promotional and Spam content are not welcomed.
  • The process of posting the content may take some time, so please do have some patience.
  • Before submitting the article, make sure that there are no grammatical errors, and all the images have proper sources and of high definition.


  • While, giving links make sure that the external and internal linking should be in 2:2 ratio for 1000 words.
  • We don’t encourage articles with links, promoting a brand.

Author’s Bio

  • Please provide us with a short bio or description of yourself.
  • Don’t forget to provide your image in the email for your guest blog.


  • Once you have sent us your article, you give us all the right to edit it according to the requirement.
  • We can add and remove any part in the article to make it more readable.
  • After you submit the article, you give us all the right to remove the links, which we think are promotional
  • Make sure that the article you provided is unique and isn’t published anywhere else.

This process may take some time, and the content marketing team may revert to you, if we find any issue in the content and can also ask you to recheck it if required. Have patience this may take some time because we publish only quality content that makes our reader’s love it! And visit us again and again.

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